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A stitching pony

In the RG studio in Vancouver, Rodney applies the saddle stitch technique, meaning that he uses two needles at once to assemble the leather pieces into a stunning product. 

Saddle stitching is the most popular way to sew leather by hand and it is also used  for book binding. The popularity of the saddle stitch is in fact for a good reason. It is actually a most durable sewing technique as the thread locks at every stitch you make. Your leather product is protected with a saddle stitch and if the thread breaks somewhere, the same stitch will be undone and the rest will stay unchanged, as opposed to the entire line of stitching, made by machines. 

No matter how complicated the task is, no matter how small or big the piece is, the stitches must be perfect. Rodney started leather making as a hobby a few years ago and he gradually transformed his dining table into a leather making desk and with time, he expanded his workspace and created a workshop. The first piece he made as an adult craftsman came out to be a practical beauty. It was nothing else but RG's original flap wallet and the finished result was already beyond apprenticeship level. 

It is true that Rodney could have easily bought a stitching pony along with other tools he acquired but, something inside of him kept urging him to make his own. Rodney is a maker by nature and leather is not the only medium he likes to work with. He is a woodworker who carves leather molds from wood blocks and who also has skills in furniture making. Rodney did in fact make his RG workshop table, the one he lies his tools on every day, to start his leather making rituals.

"A stitching pony made of wood
clamped on leather,
doing the best it could.
And so the maker said he would,
make a pony,
with hands, tools and wood."
And so it happened, on a rainy winter day, that Rodney was heard to be cutting wood and sanding, then shaping and sanding some more, until he made his very own stitching pony.
The end.
A stitching pony, for saddle stitching in a leather making studio in Vancouver - RG HANDCRAFTED GOODS.





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