Canadian made - 100% natural and biodegradable vegetable tanned leather - handling time 2 to 3 weeks or contact us for urgent orders ready made items

Meet the RG team


Leather maker and artisan for handmade gifts in Vancouver British Columbia



Rodney is a craftsman by nature. From a young age, he showed a passion and a talent for fixing and crafting little objects by recycling and using different materials. Coming from a mechanical engineering background and following a corporate career, Rodney now enjoys creating quality handcrafted leather goods that reflect artisanship, away from big scale manufacturing. Along with leather work, he is also experimenting with wood, fabrics and other mediums. His studio is a playground where he pushes his creativity to the highest levels. When not in his workshop, Rodney enjoys the outdoors, camping, snowboarding, surfing, baking bread and pastries or simply daydreaming.


Leather maker and artisan for handmade gifts in Vancouver British Columbia



Rindala brings to you RG’s stunning products with colors, words and SEO’s. Coming from a mental health background and clinical counseling, Rindala had dormant skills and hobbies that RG allowed her to showcase as an entrepreneur. As a business partner, she expresses her art through photography, visual communication and copywriting and unlocks her entrepreneurial spirit through marketing, digital marketing and business expansion ideas. When not behind her lens or screen, Rindala would be hiking, paddling, creating recipes, writing and making wall art with different mediums.