Spring break orders will be processed on April 8th - Canadian made - 100% natural and biodegradable vegetable tanned leather

Step into the RG studio in Vancouver

The RG brand was launched a few months ago and people are talking about the high quality and the classy designs. Word travels fast and we're moving along with it. The pictures are stunning and the leather goods are even better when resting in the palm of your hand. The softness of the surface and the earthy leather smell are truly irresistible.

How does RG do it?

Rodney starts by hand picking and examining the best cuts from full grain and top grain vegetable tanned leather that he manages to lay his hands on. RG's products are made from different leather thicknesses and grains depending on the nature of the product. The first step in the making process is sketching. A simple idea that is being explained with a paper sample is then discussed with the team for practicality, comfort and aesthetics. The RG team starts a conversation for bespoke orders with customers and reaches a final decision on the product design, dye and finishing.

After that, Rodney measures and cuts the leather, displaying his many interesting tools happily around him. In his studio, Rodney is a master of focus. He flows with his numerable small toys as his spirit seems calm and peaceful. He will enjoy making your order as long as he knows that he can put a piece of his mind in it. He is not interested in copying and repeating, to the contrary, he is looking to satisfy his craving for creativity and finishing touches. Rodney works with leather like a dough almost. The material will be molded, skived, dyed, creased, punched, edged, glued, burnished and then stitched with two needles and experienced artisan hands.  RG's products are the work of an artist inspired by a solid attachment to craftsmanship and an artist at work should never be rushed. Each of the tasks is fully handmade giving time to the leather to develop into a unique and stunning product.

Customers are asked to wait two to three weeks for their order to be ready. The RG team believes in the excitement of waiting for something that is being made specifically for you. RG takes the title of "Artisan goods" very seriously and they adhere to the work ethics this requires. All the RG goods are finished with specific oils and dyes are sealed with specialized products. Rodney improves the leather's flexibility and sheen by treating it with his own homemade leather conditioner. From the moment you place your order, many hours will pass until your product is ready to go. Expect a gift looking package, wrapped by the maker himself along with your name or a message.

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