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Vegetable tanned leather after care and conditioning

We take environment friendly materials very seriously and we decided to work exclusively with vegetable tanned leather as it is tanned with tree barks and leaves in a process that can last for weeks. This process is grey water friendly and does not release any harsh chemicals in the environment. However, this is not the only quality of vegetable tanned leather. If cared for properly and hydrated constantly with specific conditioners, it will get softer, developing a stunning sheen and a unique and attractive patina. This leather ages beautifully with the exposure to the elements like daylight and skin oils. This means that your natural tan leather good will get darker with time. A vegetable tanned bag can surely outlive us all and can be handed down to younger generations or handled as a unique vintage finding.

For special care, our maker prepares and pours our very own leather conditioner by hand. The RG leather conditioner is in fact of cosmetic grade that is perfect for any dry skin! 

We use cosmetic grade and organic ingredients such as : beeswax, shea butter, almond oil, castor oil and essential oils like tea tree for disinfecting and other essential oils for scent.

We recommend applying the leather conditioner with a cotton cloth or brush and rubbing it until fully absorbed. You can repeat this process at any time you feel like your leather good needs some love, hydration and sheen.

Aftercare for natural leather goods is essential. Enjoy the feel and the smell!

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